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Thread: Hi to all and happy holidays!

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    Hi to all and happy holidays!

    Its almost been a year since I bought my z8 and with the help here got it perfect; then my wife had a turn of bad health and I sold the car,ugh....I miss that jewel for sure.

    Its not the same but I came across a 2005 Panoz Esperante GT that was NEVER sold in Quebec; the cars were were made here in Georgia near Road Atlanta.While they no longer make street cars they still do race technology projects. The car was at $87K(too much in the first place I think)and they wanted $69K but with only 533 miles and never titled I just bought it for $48K! Since it was made in the US no federalization of any kind! The certificate of origin was open so I had the dealer ship it back to the factory which allowed me to bypass any duty tax. They also made a GTLM with 420 HP and supercharged!

    If you go to and scroll under inventory you will find it; they told me they leave the picture up to get sales leads BUT hell if they did not sell it in 5 years why leave it up; its not a z8 but at half the price of the one I bought(recall I got it at an estate sale with 6307 mileage and for $85k) its still an all aluminum nice car!! BEST TO ALL! dogdoc (Max) ATlanta

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    Sounds like fun. Hope your wife is better. Enjoy the ride. Thanks for checking in.

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    I second that. Hope your wife is doing better and congratulations on the new ride!

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    Yes, ditto that on both counts!
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