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Thread: Marty - Yes, a good man and valued forum member

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    Marty - Yes, a good man and valued forum member

    I've had the pleasure to talk and communicate with Marty several times over the past few weeks. As many of you know, he's one heck of a Z8 fan and recognized expert. Also, great to talk to specifically about Z8's and cars in general.
    Has steered me clear of several pitfalls and provided good, usable info re Z8's.

    I'm still looking for the perfect new Z8 acquisition for me, after coming close a few times. I foolishly sold my prior 2002 model a while back and regret it.

    I can't say enough about Marty's professional insights, candor and helpfulness. We all too often fail to positively recognize supportive people in our lives and hobby, while unfortunately being quick to ding someone for problems. Life's a balance and in this case, Marty get's my "good housekeeping" recognition for his service to this forum and the (Z8) hobby.

    Thanks Marty, you are highly appreciated.

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    I've had the pleasure to speak with Marty a few times and I agree.

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    Thanks Stu and Jerry but it is really easy when you are truly passionate about something. In my case it is the Z8. I have gained a wealth of knowledge over the years, much of which has come from this wonderful forum that Andrew started. I feel lucky to be able to match a prospective buyer with the perfect car. Having two Z8s currently in the garage and three before these two I now have, I do know these cars inside out.

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    Thanks Marty- you're right- when you are passionate about something you naturally acquire knowledge.