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Thread: Aftermarket wheels?

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    Aftermarket wheels?

    Hello all, Per another post, I have rejoined this forum, after buying my second Z8 recently. I regretted selling my first 2002, so just had to get another.

    The car I've bought has original wheels that a previous owner chromed. The chrome is failing an they look poor.

    I'm considering either having the originals removed, blasted and properly powder coated and/or buying a nice second set of wheels for road use.
    Has anyone procured a decent set of 18" aftermarket wheels that you might recommend re style (subjective), value, proper fit and durability?

    I'm all ears and any pix would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, StuM

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    Probably a good site to check is HRE.

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    HREs are beautiful, light, and expensive, but they know the car well, and will get the offsets right. I love mine. Might have considered 19s instead of 20s though. The 18s will not accommodate big brembos if you ever want that. They can also mill the hubs to fit stock BMW center caps, as I had them do.

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    Thanks Guys

    Looking at the HRE's. Looking good.
    really appreciate the help.

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    I'd go with 19" (er I did). 18" always seems too small and you're locked out of many of the brake options if you decide you want to upgrade. 20" can look great, but the difference in rubber is not always a great thing.

    19" seems to be the "Goldilocks" size.

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    I agree but I went with the Alpinas which are 20" because I like the look and I like the fact that they are a factory approved look. The consensus is if you do 20s you absolutely positively must must must have the performance package. FWIW, I have it on pretty good authority that the original wheel design for the Z8 was a 20 but they couldn't get a run flat in that size.

    I also really like the BBS FI wheels but keep in mind these are hard to get, very expensive, and I think the look is very color sensitive.

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    for me personally there are two choices:

    the M5 wheels that Rifle and a few others have

    or the BBS FI (if you want the ultimate in light weight)

    both are 19s
    Dinan S2 package: headers, throttle bodies, oversized MAFs, airfilters, anti-roll bars, lightweight flywheel
    Dinan by Brembo brake kit and monoball control arm bushings
    BBS forged individual wheels
    Quaife differential, 3.64:1 final drive
    Meisterschaft GT titanium mufflers
    K&W 3 way adjustable competition monotube dampers and monoball adjustable mounts
    CDV delete