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Thread: Ride back in time

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    Ride back in time

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    heavily modified for performance. Although, not to the level of GM's car

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    Fun stuff. Thanks

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    Each car is instantly recognizable and a work of art. What will the video of the stars and their cars from 2012 look like? "There's so and so in their Mercedes, no wait its a Lexus, no wait its a Hyundai." Very few cars will stand out, even fewer to be admired for their design.

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    Love Lilian Harvey's Mercedes.

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    Great point Ken. Back then the stars wanted to make a statement about style. Today its about some PC cause- which may be fine but it just strikes me as a bit hollow in many cases.

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    Yes, the irony of Hollywoods holy and pious Prius drivers is the think their Gulfstreams are immune from any carbon footprint calculation.
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