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Thread: European road trip

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    European road trip

    We decided to fly the car over, the shipper had shipped a Z8 once before for a lady doing the same trip. (He was shipping a Bugatti Veron to Nigeria the following day! Not sure I'd like to be seen driving one there...).

    It was a truly epic driving trip. We drove the car from Key West to NY and then picked the car up in Belgium. The customs process was really simple and I didn't have to pay a bond for the temporary import. The only issue was insuring a US registered car in Europe. I'd rather naively thought it was going to be trivial to get the coverage in europe - so did my broker as he couldn't find anyone to cover us stateside. It was just impossible to find any coverage. We had friends trying in the UK, France, Belgium and Germany. Eventually I found third party coverage through a German motorbike touring guy. They were really helpful and overnighted the documents to us in Belgium.

    Armed with the insurance green card we then meandered our way down as far as the Amalfi coast and then back to the UK via Germany (and many many points in between).

    Some pictures:

    In a NY Tunnel - and I thought it was a bit narrow...


    A dream realized - The Swiss Alps!


    Offroading to the villa.

    Amalfi coast: Not for the faint of heart... As a bus/truck/gaggle of scooters were likely to emerge....

    Positano and J not terribly comfortable with the sheer drop...

    Secure parking in Napoli

    More parking fun... At 6'3" it's a bit of a squeeze...

    Chasing an italian MG - you realize just how big the Z8 is...

    Country road in the UK - Kent.


    Driving on the "wrong" side in the UK was much easier than I expected. Overtaking was a little tricky but then we have bags of acceleration on tap....

    We only got stopped the once and that was on the very first morning. The Belgian police where really pleasant but still insisted on breathalyzing me. And we had no issues with the lack of front numberplate.

    The only disappointment being the fabled German Autobahns - Way too much traffic (caravans and trucks galore) and the weather wasn't cooperating.... So the legal high speed blat will have to be revisited.

    As a side note: I'm still chasing up insurance now that we are back in the US: Hagerty insurance can provide coverage (but due to some daft conditions - not in my case). And Geico - but their overseas office are less than responsive and seem to be geared up for US military overseas. I'm still working on it - any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    An epic trip to be resumed in September.

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    Life is for living, and it looks like you're doing it exceptionally well, bravo - that looks like a wonderful adventure!!
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    Sounds amazing! Please keep us updated.

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    I agree!!

    Great shots. One of the things I love about photography is it allows you to express yourself and I enjoyed looking at the style you bring to the pictures. And the trip is fantastic. Did you leave the Z8 there? Im not so sure about insurance Im with ACE right now and they've been doing a good job for me so far.

    Yeah the Z8 is a pretty big car when you consider it against vintage cars, but lets see how big it seems in another 20 years or so.

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    That is the coolest adventure! The Z8 has certainly brought happiness to many people.

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    I am so jealous! How cool is it to fly your car to Europe and drive those incredible roads. Thanks for sharing.

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    Awesome story and pics!