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Thread: Gas filler cap won't open......

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    Gas filler cap won't open......

    An owner just had his gas cap stick shut. Here is a review of his fix, and some illustrations of the cap and it's mechanism in case it happens to you.

    I made a 3/4 scale plastic toungue depresser device and was able to sneak it past the gas door lid (blue-taped for scratch prevention) and the quarterpanel opening. After some careful wiggling into the lock latch it opened. I wouldn't worry about someone stealing gas, as it is a real pain to get by the boss above the latch.

    The cable #16 from the motor #17 to the lock #15 broke came off where it joins the gas cap latch. It wasn't the metal cable, but a super flimsy nylon fitting that attaches to the cable and fits into the latch. This piece was added prior to the cable ends being swagged onto the strands.

    Replacement requires the removal of the wheel, inner fenderwell, and the right side trunk liner.

    Tools; 10mm socket and a couple of torques bits and about an hour or so of puttzing.

    The lesson is, if the cap doesn't open, and the emergency lever doesn't release, then take off the wheel and inner fender and you will have access to the cap lock.
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    Just had the same problem, was fixed by the dealer for $800.
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