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Thread: F10 M5 crash @ 186 MPH and they survived

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    F10 M5 crash @ 186 MPH and they survived

    WOW. These cars are very well made. I hope everyone will fully recover.
    This New BMW M5 Crashed Going 186 MPH On The Autobahn

    We talk about German supersedans as "built for the Autobahn" and other clich?s about the country's sometimes-unrestricted highways, and this 2013 BMW M5 proves it after crashing at 186 mph without killing the driver or passengers.
    The accident occurred on Tuesday evening and was caused by a vehicle merging onto the A81 freeway near Tuningen, not far from the Swiss border in southwest Germany.

    The 60-year-old M5 driver swerved left to avoid the incoming car, lost control, and crashed repeatedly into both the left and right-side barriers lining the road. The M5 rolled several times before coming to rest over 320 feet (100 meters) down in the grass. Smoke was coming out of the hood, but the driver's two sons, following in an M6 and an M3, were able to rescue their father and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

    Looking at the damage on the car and with reports that it was travelling around 186 mph (300km/h) before leaving the road, it's remarkable that anyone survived at all.

    The road was completely shut down for several hours to clean up the completely totaled car.

    The driver and his 20-year-old passenger in the car were seriously injured and have been hospitalized. Their dog in the back seat was also hurt.
    This particular Autobahn, the A81 running from Stuttgart almost to the Swiss border, is one of the longest stretches of unrestricted road in Germany. Even with a supposedly perfect car like an M5, it's still a dangerous place for such high-speed driving.

    Photo Credit: Bimmerpost

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    It's a miracle anyone survived!
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    Amazing. It's great to hear that the passengers survived, including the four-legged one. I hope they recover quickly.

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    Hope the passengers make a full recovery and glad that they survived.

    Restricted or not, an autobahn, or any public road, is no place for 186mph.
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    The fastest I have ever driven was years ago in a new Ferrari Testarossa on the long open straight stretch of Highway 111 leaving Palm Springs. It was about six in the morning and there was nobody on the road. I got it up to 185 and it still had some room to go but everything was going by so fast I decided to take it back down to under 100. At 185mph, if something goes wrong and you crash, more times than not it is going to end up badly.

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    My terminal velocity in a vehicle was in my first Z8 back in '02, and it was right up there in the upper 180's too. With the Dinan software I was right on the redline in top, which is a theoretical 191mph on the crossing from Ely, NV to Lake Tahoe on the so called 'Loneliest Road in America' at 5.30am on a Sunday morning. The road crosses a series of wide open desert valleys separated by small ridges of mountains that give you a clear view of the next arrow straight twenty miles, and the good fast launch down into the valley. I had the V1 and the hardtop on, and in those days the run flats too, but the car felt like it was on rails. Getting back in towards civilization to the west going the limit felt so slow it just didn't make sense!
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    The fastest Ive ever gone was at the track as a passenger in a 599 GTB with Brian Redman driving and we hit about 165. It was FAST. Ive driven that car at about 140 and then backed off- I had the straight all open to me and no one around and I just knew it was a good idea to back off. The car felt great, actually it kept getting better the faster I went, but I simply knew that it was too fast for me.

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    Yikes, amazing and miraculas.
    Check out this attach,