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    Formula 1

    What if you had a race but nobody showed up to watch?

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    Thats quite a contrast.

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    I think it was a huge error for the FIA to have allowed F1M to hold this race. It shows Bernie is a greedy idiot, and the stupid comments by Vettel just made the whole thing look so sad an pathetic. As a lifelong F1 fan I refused to watch this race, and the news surrounding it has really not done anything to encourage my future support of what has always been my favorite sport.
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    Yup, it was a "sport, it's now a serious business. For sure, it's Bernie's "show me the $$ time". In monetizing the world wide TV rights looks like he's gonna do a IPO for $2.5 b, article in todays 4/26/12 WSJournal.