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Thread: OT: Rush's Moving Pictures in High Res Sound

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    OT: Rush's Moving Pictures in High Res Sound

    I have a nice audio rig at home which I get to enjoy once every now and then. I recently discovered one of my all time favorite albums was available in DVD-Audio: Rush's Moving Pictures

    Btw- they also have a Blu Ray with what seems like the exact same soundtrack encoded into DTS MA which is also a lossless format and in theory it should sound the same. A friend who is a bigger audiophile insists the DVD-A is better but I don't see how. The BR is here:

    Anyway, if you like Rush, and if you have the system to play this back: DVD-A or A Blu Ray player into a surround sound system or receiver that can decode DTS MA (most do)-- then you should get this immediately.

    The sonics are beyond reproach. Its been a long time since I got goosebumps listening to music. Its simply the best sound I've ever heard from a disc of anything at home. And the mix is superb. Its been a long time that I sat down and listened to an album from start to end. I didn't even realize it until it was over.

    What really surprised me was the percussive energy transmitted from the snare drums. I could really feel Neil Pert hitting each one- I wanted to say smashing away, but I don't think he just smashes away, he's so accurate. Theres so much energy there. The clarity on everything is just so incredible. It really makes the CD sound a bit fuzzy in comparison and I always have enjoyed the sonics on this CD.


    (PS- if you don't know this groups music and are curious, this is a good starter album as it has some of their most popular songs.)

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    As we seem to "progress" to lesser sound quality modalities, it came as a pleasant surprise that a a 31 year old album would be produced this way. I wholeheartedly agree that this would be a great introduction to Rush for anyone who likes articulate, hard driven and yet extremely creative and melodic progressive rock music.

    Another BluRay treat is Snakes and Arrows live on BluRay. Superb sound quality and good filming as well. And what I mean by that is that when it is time to que on Geddy, Alex or Neil at a very specific moment, you will be taken there in time as though you are being led by another aficionado.

    Be warned, Rush is not background music. It demands your undivided attention. The rewards for this attention are very much worth it.

    great recommendation Jerry
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