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Thread: Do you have Ausbeulungen of your Unterteil?

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    Do you have Ausbeulungen of your Unterteil?

    One of the nice design features of the Z8 is that the rear undercarriage is covered nicely by an extended lower bumper cover. The Z8's rear bumper cover has 3 lower mounting points quite a ways forward, near the exhaust muffler heat shields.

    However, at high speeds, the airflow under the chassis can get above the leading edge of the bumper cover and put downward pressure on the bottom part of the bumper cover (unterteil), and lead to Ausbeulungen (bulging). In the extreme case, it can make the bottom part of the bumper resemble bulging butt cheeks. Worse yet, at very high speeds could tear the plastic/structural foam piece at the mounting points. I hate it when that happens.

    The International Club has developed a laser-cut brushed stainless steel u-channel bracket that is easily installed. I've attached a picture of the bracket prior to installation.

    The bracket is available from the International BMW Z8 Club in Germany for 135 Euros. Installation instructions are included, and the process looks to be very simple.

    Picture attached

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    You can see full details here -

    Also is gratis for all Z8 Club members, yet another advantage to the Club!
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    Yes indeed. I didn't know J?rgen posted this up so I made a thread as well: