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Thread: Help tracing the history of my EU car

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    Help tracing the history of my EU car

    I have recently purchased a Z8 first registered on 3 April 2001. It was first registered in UK on 14 May 2010.
    I would like to establish its original country of registration and previous owners.
    Insurance certificates in the documents pouch show that it bore the French registration number 927 AWJ 06 from 2004 until 2009 and are in the name of Michael Flatley of Villefranche on The French Riviera. Searches on Google confirm the Michael Flatley of Riverdance fame owned at least one Z8.
    Entries in the service book show
    20/6/02 2445 km, Azur Autos, Nice
    16/7/05 5163 km Groupe Rold SA, Monaco
    30/6/08 7042km BAC Monte Carlo SAM
    29/04/10 9196km BMW Service, Firenze
    The odometer currently reads 10930km
    Does anyone know the car or have the means to establish the original supplying dealer and subsequent owners prior to registration in UK.
    I approached a dealer in UK to ask about its history. They told me they could only trace records of activity of cars at their dealership.
    Colour is Silver with red interior. VIN number is AF78564
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Sorry cant help but I wanted to wish you congratulations.

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    US dealers can look up the service history if the car was serviced at a dealer. I am not sure that applies internationally though. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a European version of CarFax? They sometimes list different dealelers as well as locations and number of prior owners. It would be a place to start your forensic research.
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    Thanks for your messages guys. It is great to part of your community.

    All enquiries in UK have revealed nothing. Jurgen is making enquiries in Munich next week. Hopefully he will find something

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    Wow, that looks like England in the winter, I remember it well!
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    It will probably be much worse soon. This was a picture taken at the same place this time last year.
    Not Z8 weather!

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    Yikes, we never got that much snow down south!

    I only remember a couple of snowy Christmas's in my youth, mostly it was grey and wet, with a strong south westerly whisteling up the channel!
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