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Thread: Carmageddon - The Sequel - seriously!

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    Carmageddon - The Sequel - seriously!

    Who knew, our weekends fun is a two part nightmare. Like all good Hollywood blockbusters the sequel is already green lit, and in the works!

    Starting late Friday night, July 15, workers will begin chipping apart the southern half of the bridge in pumpkin-size pieces. A layer of dirt will be set on the 405 to keep the falling concrete from damaging the highway. The concrete will then be recycled, contractors will approve the demolition and, finally, the freeway will reopen early Monday, July 18. Like its quiet entrance into the world, the current Mulholland Bridge will go out without any fireworks.

    ?The public may be thinking this is going to be a Vegas-style demo, and it?s not,? Sotero said. ?It?s not going to be that dramatic.?

    After the southern half is torn down, that side of the bridge will undergo an 11-month reconstruction. The bridge will be widened and will get standard shoulders, medians and sidewalks; all told, it will widen by 10 feet.

    Travelers will still be able to cross the 405 on the bridge during the 11-month construction period; one lane of traffic in each direction will be open on the northern half.

    Angelenos should expect a similar 405 shutdown next summer, followed by another period of single lanes in each direction, when the northern half of the structure receives similar improvements.

    ?There might be intermittent closures during the night, but we don?t anticipate closures like this until we [demolish] the other side,? Miles said.

    By the summer of 2013, travelers will get to test their tires on Mulholland Bridge?s new concrete. So, whether you?re going to one of the Jewish institutions, or just passing through before July 15, take a moment to look at the Mulholland Bridge. It will be your last chance to see a giant of the 20th century before it joins us in the 21st century.
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    California dreaming....