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Thread: Cleaning Up Black Interior Trim

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    Cleaning Up Black Interior Trim


    Any tips on how to remove fine scratches from the black lacquer(?) trim on dash and doors?


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    From all that I've read on this forum, no one really has come up with the magic solution. For me, I first use compressed air to get as much of the dust off of the panels as possible (it is the rubbing of the dust that causes most of the scratches). Then, I use a slightly wet ultra soft cloth to wipe the panels clean followed by a light layer of wax (carnauba).
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    It does seem to be an especially bad issue with the black plastic, and once it is gone I think repainting it is the only option. If you do that I can't help thinking some kind of 3M protective film might be a good idea too.
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    I'm sure a very mild polish (compound), followed by wax would do it long before repainting would be required.

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    I suggest that you call Meguiars in So Cal. They have some great techs who can Rx a course of action. Surf City Garage would be another great source.
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    A light polishing compound should take care of the scratches. I also found that using a glaze works great on the plastic trim. Get a glaze with good fillers and then top with a coat of wax or sealant. Always use a damp soft microfiber towel for your cleaning/dusting on these areas to prevent the fine scratches... a quick detailing spray along with the microfiber towel is also very good.

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    I forget which company made it now- Ill try to find it for you- but whatever you use to clean and polish the rear plastic window will work. I send my car to someone I have found to be a really top detailer once a year and the first time he really went to town on the parts and the result was spectacular.

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    Meguiars #10 and #17 are great on the plastic pieces and the back window. I've also had good luck with some of the shaded fillers from 3M. However, nowadays I don't worry about the scratches much. They can easily be painted if needed.

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    Thats what I was alluding to- Ive had success with the above mentioned products.