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Thread: Cam sensors

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    Cam sensors

    The Check Engine Soon light kept going on and off frequently so I had the memory log checked to see what was going on. I was told that the 4 cam sensors needed to be replaced as the engine is mis-firing. The cost was around $1,000 by the dealer. The vehicle has 30,000 miles on it. Does this cost seem reasonable? Does it seem sensible that four sensors should have failed after only 30,000 miles (and 10 years of course)?

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    Sounds about right, maybe a tad high. The sensors cost about $110 to $150 each around the web. I don't know the specified number of labor hours in BMW's tech document, but if I had a full service center's tools and hoists at my disposal I think I could do all four sensors in under three hours. Labor at BMW centers seems to run between $150 and $180, putting this just under your total bill.

    If you look on the M5 board, this is a very common repair for even cars as low as 10k miles. I mine at 15k.

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    Sensors = $114.15 x 4
    Orings = $14.52
    Labor 2.4 hours = $432.00
    Tax - $43.58
    Total = $946.70

    I'm not too far off the price you were quoted

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