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Thread: So How Many Z8's are still on the road in the US

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    So How Many Z8's are still on the road in the US

    I am in South Florida and I have only noticed 2 other z8's in the last year. How many z8's are there across the US today?

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    Since our cars aren't frequently driven, I don't believe there to be a significant number of wrecks, but the exodus of an estimated couple hundred cars from the dollar's weakness over the past few years would put my guess in the 2,300 range. This is roughly one car for every 1,000 miles of paved roads.

    If I remove drives with other owners or hanging out at Dana's, I probably see two a year in the SF Bay area, and we have a fairly dense Z8 population. Then again, how about the OR crew running into one of the two custom 750hp Shadowman Specials at Crater Lake last summer.

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    I see two or three a month here in LA randomly, parked or in traffic, but oddly enough when we're out on our local drives here I've never seen another one, except the ones I'm driving with of course.
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    we see a few around here

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    They are a fairly rare sight where I am but every now and then I see one.

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    I'm in Chicago and it's a rare sight when I see another Z8. I'd say I have seen another one about once a year.

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    Excluding the one in the garage, in the last year I've seen three Z8s between San Francisco and Palo Alto. Of those three, the most unexpected sighting was a silver/black car in the extended parking garage at SFO's international terminal.

    While visiting my son in La Jolla, I can usually fulfill my Z8 sighting fix at the Sports Car Company or if staying with my in-law's in the LA area, Bob Smith BMW or Crevier BMW.
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    Aside from looking at the ones for sale, in the last year in Orange County I have seen one other.

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    I have seen three out in the Hamptons and two on the road just north of NYC. I have only seen one at a BMWcca event. In my exotic car club Joe from this forum and I are the only ones in a sea of Porsches, Ferraris and Lambos,so they are rare and through attrition by accidents and export will only get rarer. I have noticed that my BMW3.0 csi which used to be commen 20 years ago has become an unusual sight at car shows over the years. Joshb

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    In the last four years I have only seen one on the roads in NJ. By the time all of the snow that we have been getting this year melts mine will not be out of the garage until June : (

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    I've probably probably spotted 4-5 different z8 down in Irvine/Newport area in the past few years. There is a silver Z8 that I see frequently along my jogging route (Bonita canyon Rd) in the afternoons.
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    The most I've seen without being organized was 3 others in my office parking lot one day. This was about 8 years ago though, when they were still new.

    I saw a black one in my local supermarket a few months ago. This one was rough though, hole in the soft top, paint was rough....I think this is a new owner. I hope he got a good price! I put a note on the car with this site's url.

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    In MI, I see 1 per yr (not counting events like the Dream Cruise which would double the sightings to 2 per year).

    I used to fret about putting miles on her but, am near 20K now and think that the 16K that are mine are well worth it.

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    Yep, you can't take 'em with you, and it is such a stunning car to drive!
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