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Thread: Any service manuals available for Z8?

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    Any service manuals available for Z8?

    Anybody try the CD-ROMs on eBay?
    Any other sources?

    Sure would make life simpler.

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    I bought something on eBay called "Technical Information System" and Parts Catalog for ~$20. Unfortunately, I've been disappointed in the detail of the information provided. In another life, I worked on my TR4A with my Haynes manual nearby, and mastered just about all of the systems in an effort to keep her running.
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    Edward I think the thing you bought is actually on the site in the PDF section, so you could have download it there for free. It isn't a proper workshop manual, more a book of the unique things that make the Z8 different from the M5.

    I have seen BMW's proper workshop manuals, they are often sold on CDs online and are very thorough, but sadly for me they are only Windows compatible so of no use to me.
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    Aren't you running Windows on your Mac? It works pretty well.
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    Nope, it takes too much space, I use 17" MBPs, and keep them as stripped out as a go-karts. I do custom installs with nothing but the most basic OS, Mail, Safari and Photoshop, and that uses every tiny little bit of power I can squeeze out of my maxed out systems to work at the speed I like for the multi-layered massive image files that are my life.
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    2,695 is a great resource for parts.

    Ditto on the CD manuals. You can order them via your service center.

    Beware of "manuals" sold on eBay. They're often just repackaged bits of info already available on the net.

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    I did pick up a misc. BMW CD set through Ebay about 5 years ago. They included TIS, ETM and ETK for all BMW's, including the Z8. The TIS disk is essential for working on the Z8 or any BMW as it gives detailed instructions on diagnosis and repair. I could not have R & R'd the dashpad without the info provided. The minimum dollars spent and Ebay risk was well worth it. I'm now having trouble getting them to work with Windows 7 though.

    Note that the Technicians Training Manual in the PDF section is not the TIS documents. I would be great to have the TIS documents available on the site, but the interface is interactive and needs a computer to run the program. I'm sure there are also copyright issues involved also.
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