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Thread: Windshield protection - possible group buy

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    Windshield protection - possible group buy

    I just spoke to Heath at Pro-Tint who do the racing tear-off screen protection for almost all the race teams, NASCAR, Pro-AM, Porsche Cup etc.

    He said if we can get 10-15 folks together he can make up a group buy discount for us for the double layered tear-offs for around $135.00 each, but he needs to get an old screen as a template. If anyone is considering changing their screen please let me know, so we can arrange to ship your removed one to Charlotte.

    I've also added a poll to see who wants to be in on the group buy, and also just as a general screen condition check up. In just 17,000 miles I'm now on my third screen, but I know following other cars to take pictures on our drives might well account for the extreme pitting on mine, but it does seem that our rather upright screens do pick up a lot of debris.
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    I would be interested in the tear off protection.
    I know nothing about glass but my former NSX windshield looked like new when I sold it and my Z8 windshield seems to pit easily.

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    I would be interested as well. My screen is fine as I avoid the highways when then are busy but always helps to have protection. Is it something that we apply ourselves? What is the process?

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    I'll get the full install info asap, but i think it is likely best done by some kind of specialist.
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    From my conversations I have come to believe that the dryer regions of the country have the worst pitting problems. Here in Western PA, for example, we have frequent rains and this washes the small particles off the road and binds the particles adjacent to the road so they are less likely to be picked up by the wind.

    As an example, Arizona I?m told can be very hard on windshields and paint.

    I have had very little windshield damage on any car I?ve driven around here and most of the conventional cars I?ve driven over my lifetime have had at least 100,000 miles on them.

    My Z8 has slightly over 2000 miles and I only drive it infrequently in the summer and part of the spring and fall. So I?m not a candidate for the Pro-Tint system.

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    Makes perfect sense, we are blessed with blue and sunny skies and very little rain, but deserts by their very nature are dusty, however coming from the UK I'll take dust over rain anyday!
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    That was the name of the firm- Pro-Tint. My windshield is fairly well pitted up but I have like 28,000 on her.

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    It doesn't even need to be "Tear-off". Use a material like Expel? does for headlights. If need be, remove it every few years and replace it. Shouldn't more than $100 for the material.

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    I agree that the NE appears to be easier on the windshields in the summer time as the frequent rains do clear the roads of grit, but highway commuting in the winter time, particularly after a snow storm or a freezing cycle is hell on the windshields of my daily driver. This product would appear to have a really wide target audience across the country.

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    Mine is bad, needs changing, I'll live with it, but am curious to watch this space. Get all that?

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    I'm on my 4th - 49000 miles.
    Most have been due to chips, but they've all had their share of pitting as well. I know because I'm always amazed at how clear it is when you have a new one installed.

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    There is a company here in So Cal. called Ultimate Shield that does the windscreen protection install. I'm going to test them next month on my M3, which is getting a new windscreen. I'll report back once done.

    My Z8 windscreen is ok, but has a few chips from our Cambria trip and if the film works like I hope it does, I'll change it and put the film on it.
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    Keep us posted, I'd be even keener on having a local fittment done.
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