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Thread: Door Compartment Adhesive Failure

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    Door Compartment Adhesive Failure

    I did not see a link to this problem, so thought it proper to post this message.

    My 2001 (6600 mile) car has a glue or adhesive failure on the more forward, non spring-loaded, retractable lower door compartment pocket. It appears that there is separation between the ebony black plastic, and the felt lined compartment behind. Seems like this is an overall minor issue, but what type of adhesive might I use for such an issue? Have others experienced this as well? To my knowledge, I have no other delamination concerns. Thanks.

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    I keep my garage door opener in this pocket, so it gets a lot of use in my car. I've had no problems with it over 10 years and 17K+ miles.

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    No issues here.

    I figure that any decent plastic adhesive would work. The only real stress at that point is vibration.

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    Mine fell off as well (on passenger side) and had it reglued. no problem since.


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    My passanger side one fell off as well along with the little piece surrounding the driver side seat heater button. Had the dealer glue when I had the car in service and it is good again - almost 75K miles and running sweet.
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