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Thread: Can you diagnose my acceleration problem?

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    Can you diagnose my acceleration problem?

    Hi all,

    I'm a new member so thank you for accepting me into the forum. I bought a 2001 Silver/Red Z8 two years ago and I would be very grateful for any advice about this problem that has been developing:

    Sometimes, when I accelerate, there is a slight juddering and the accelerator feels like it is having less effect. I.e. the car doesnt accelerate in the way it should but instead stays at a lower speed and feels a bit like it's juddering. If you push the accelerator down, you would have little effect. Sometimes the car comes back to full condition after a while, and sometimes it doesnt for quite a long time. This doesnt always happen either and sometimes it is fine.

    Any advice very welcome.

    Best regards,


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    It sounds like the motor is going into limp home mode, but usually that will trigger a 'check engine light' and throw a code in the engine management unit. Do you (or does a friend) have a Peak OBDll code reader, or do you have a friendly BMW dealer you could hook it up to and get a read out of what is happening?

    I'd guess that changing out the MAFs and the O2 sensors would almost certainly cure the issue, but with a code reader there is no guess work.
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    I would agree with Andrew's comments and add that the cam sensor may be the culprit as well. You will need to get the faults read on the car to go further.

    Dana Caldwell
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