Yesterday I took the car to the service for oil change and battery check. The battery was completely drained. I connected the car to the trickle charger and after 3 days of charging everything seemed OK. But will see after they will test the battery.

The last oil change was back in 09/10/04 and the clock was reading 15167 kms. I know the oil life is 2 years maximum but I don`t know how come I missed that detail . Now the clock reads 27000 kms.

Also the tires were manufactured in 7th week of 2003. Now I will replace those as well. Actually I should replace them asap since the engine can spin them on 6th gear.

I informed the service representative about the vanos accumulator shut off valve and soft top issue. There are tiny holes on each side of the top. I requested them to replace the top free of charge. Hope they will replace.

Now I`m waiting them to call and tell me the car is ready.