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Thread: Best cover of the year?

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    Best cover of the year?

    All right, so it is early in the year to call for a best, but is this not just brilliant?
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    Cue the "Ride of the Valkeri" Can you smell that smell? its Napalm. I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. It smells like ......victory. classic
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    I thought the same thing but I would have changed the quote to "I love the smell of smoldering debt in the morning"

    All this just makes me thankful that though we have problems- and we really do- ours is still the best country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z8Mania View Post
    ...- ours is still the best country.
    sounds interesting
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    I am worried too, but Greece is imho a minor problem...What do you think about Spain (25% of the Euro-economy) and second Italy.........? Analysts have already posed the idea of splitting the Euro-zone is 3 parts, West, East and South......

    @Z8Mania, I (still!) have not sold my US stocks

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    Just my opinion. Certainly Germany has done very well during this crisis.

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    we all had a good laugh at work when that one came out.

    My favorite Economist caption was in an article about Chavez...the picture was of a T-Rex and the caption was "brain the size of a walnut".

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    But he has a lot of dino juice and friends in low places.