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Thread: A cautionary tale

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    A cautionary tale

    For all of you in the Northeast bringing your Z8 out of hibernation a word of caution. Many municipalities are slow or do not have the funding for speedy pothole repair and yesterday I got caught heading up the Palisades parkway ( just a five mile jaunt to make sure the beast was running properly) I was doing about 80 and coming around a curve saw the yellow cones bracketing a frost heave that streched across both lanes, hitting it about 50 with a crunch that made my fillings rattle. I now have a ding in my right front HRE but looking at the bright side the car does have a performance package and chamber plates so no shock tower problems. The tire does not seem to be sidewall damaged plus is holding air. So a word to the wise, make sure your Tire pressure is up to specs and expect the unexpected. I am fortunent that my rims are three piece so only an outside hoop if it can't be straighted.
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    Josh, it is very good you had the PP, because it is exactly that kind of mishap that can cause serious probs with the shock tower crowns. Happy to hear it is an easy repair.
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    Good warning Josh. Living here in the North East I have taken to being a drop late to put my snow tires (and the smaller wheels) on my daily since we tend to not get too much snow until mid December, and a drop late to take them off since the roads remain bad for some time after the snow season is done.