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Thread: Strut Tower Brace/Bar

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    Strut Tower Brace/Bar

    At ZFest last year I met Scott and Fred and discussed the issue of the strut brace/bar. Fred was pretty convincing that this brace should be installed and the more I read about the issue I agree. In addition Fred had referenced a person within BWM who's job it is to keep Z8 owners happy. Does any one have contact information for this person?

    I have read that the brace/bar is an offical BMW repair. Does this mean that BMW will cover the cost?

    I live in Minnesota and starting to get my car ready for the driving season and thought I would start early on this issue to see if I can get the work done early in the driving season.

    I appreciate any help that can be offered.

    Paul Carlson
    2002 Black/Red

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    Hi Paul, the person you'll want to contact at BMW NA is William Stuart, but he is away on holiday till mid April. His phone # there is 201-263-8210.

    I doubt the BMW will cover the cost of this, but if you are an original owner they may well help out some. The overall cost seems to be around the $2500 mark fitted based on most of our experience. Not only would I advise doing it, I'd also advise getting off the run flat tires, and using something with a more compliant sidewall like the Michelin Pilot Sport 2.
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    Andrew, thank you for the information, I will contact him in mid April.

    I'm not the orginal owner so I think you are probably right on BMW sharing the costs. I will start with William and go from there. Also thanks for the advice on the tires!


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    May I suggest that you not contact Bill at NA. BMW did include a tower brace / performance package so it is up to you to get it done.

    I paid about 600 for the package and Dana at Peter Pan quoted me about 1200 to install it.

    If your headlights need to be repaired due to fogging, then I would call Bill at NA as they seem to be willing to replace those or at least cover the labor. You pay for the lights so prepare to take out a second mortgage.

    The reason that I bring up the headlights is that they need to be removed in order to install the PP, so why not get part of the PP labor cover by the headlight swap.

    Are you attending ZFest Los Angeles? We plan to open registration this weekend. One of the presentations will be by BMW Group-Designworks USA where Henrik Fiskar designed the Z8 and where the German designers worked on the current Z4 so as to use the southern California natural sunlight during the modeling process.
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