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Thread: 2001 Z8 (#60517)) Rare 01 Silver/Crema - Sold

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    2001 Z8 (#60517)) Rare 01 Silver/Crema - Sold

    This one of only 16 built is rare enough to be worth having, and it has enough miles at an attractive enough price to be usable too. Here is a link to the seller -
    and some pix of the car.
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    Love the Crema on silver. But they should have ALWAYS had the boot on for the soft top in the pics.

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    There is one a couple of miles from my house. I see it parked at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Lodge in Florida. I don't actually like the color combination in person. This one has a black top also. It always has the top up so I have seen the cover to see what color it is.

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    I have seen this color combo (perhaps the same car) offered for sale about once every so often. It may be a rare combo, but nothing exciting ... for me that is.
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    Would've looked great with the sport interior (tan/blk)

    I've always liked the look of the two-tone to break up and seperate the interior pieces.

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    I would have hoped the price would be about 10k higher but the miles, color, wheels, etc probably mean its priced right.