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Thread: shifter knob replacing

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    shifter knob replacing

    how do I replace the shifter knob ??I have bought a new one but I don't get it on how to remove the old one. any help??? the new one comes one piece . does the cap on top comes off???? PLEASE HELP. also I want to replace the silver piece part of the hand brake and having problems with that as well. dont know how to remove them.

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    Although my car has only 893 miles, someone must have driven it with heavy rings on their right fingers. My shift knob and hand brake trim are scratched and I have ordered new parts. I believe that the shift knob simply snaps off if pulled upward. The hand brake trim is still a mystery to me. It should slide forward if you can disengage the clip on the top near the rear of the part. Hopefully someone with experience will guide us.

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    I have never removed the hand brake, but the shift knob is just a click on part, just pull it up hard, it is easier if the car is in 2nd or 4th gear so you don't disturb anything as you pull it up.
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    How about N? My shifter and handbrake are completely scratched up and pitted from my cufflinks.