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Thread: Extended Warranty Info.

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    Extended Warranty Info.

    The purchaser of the contract must be the original owner of the vehicle. (it can not be sold to second owners) The contract is currently not available in Florida, Wyoming or Puerto Rico.

    Vehicle must still be under factory warranty to be eligible.

    $50 deductible per visit

    Roadside assistance is included.

    Scope of coverage is like the Certified Pre-Owned Program.

    No vehicle inspection required.

    2 year / 50,000 mile coverage from end of new vehicle warranty

    Retail price for Z8 models is $3749.00

    You should contact your local / servicing dealer for purchase.

    *Modified Vehicles
    "Any modifications or alterations that change the vehicle from its original design specifications, such as (but not limited to) suspension modifications, performance modifications, etc., may result in the denial of a claim for a covered part or component that may have been affected by such modifications."

    Here is what IS covered:

    Cylinder head(s), cylinder block, and cylinder head gasket(s); all internally lubricated parts including pistons, piston rings and pins; crankshaft, end cover on crankcase; radial sealing rings; main and connecting rod bearings; connecting rods; camshaft and bearings; timing chains and/or belts; sprockets; rocker arms and shafts; valves, valve springs, upper spring plates (retainers); valve collets, guides, seats, and valve stem seals; hydraulic valve clearance compensators (lifters); oil pump assembly; dipstick assembly; vibration damper; flywheel/ring gear; upper and lower timing case covers and gaskets; intake manifold and gasket; exhaust manifold(s) and gasket(s); engine mounts; valve cover(s) and gasket(s); oil pan(s) and gasket(s); front and rear radial oil seals; top cover plate (V engines).

    Automatic & standard (manual) transmission.
    Transmission case, torque converter, all internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case including all sprockets, shafts, bearings, bushings, drums, pumps and valves; transmission oil seals and gaskets; transmission mount; flywheel; drive plate for torque converter. Coverage is not afforded for standard transmission clutch assemblies, which are subject to wear and tear.

    Final drive assembly.
    Final drive housing; all internally lubricated parts contained within the final drive housing including all sprockets, bearings and output shafts; input and output flange seals and gaskets; rear housing cover gasket; CV joints and flexible gaiters (CV joint boots); universal joints; front and rear hub assembly; hub bearings; propeller shafts.

    Front suspension.
    Control arms, thrust struts, and bushings; ball joints; wheel bearings; coil springs; stabilizer bar, links and bushings; McPherson struts (housings only); height control valve.

    Rear suspension.
    Control arms, trailing arms, and lateral links; shafts and bushings; wheel bearings; coil springs; hydraulic leveling system; height sensor; pump; stabilizer bar, supports and bushings; McPherson struts (housing only); strut housing (self-leveling only); height control valve.

    Steering box housing; all internally lubricated parts within the steering box (including seals); rack and pinion assembly; power steering pump (including tandem pump); steering shaft and couplings; guide/idler arm; tie rod ends; pitman arm; center tie rod; cooler and lines.

    Master cylinder (including seals); brake booster assembly; wheel cylinders; brake calipers (including seals); hydraulic lines and fittings; brake pedal assembly; parking brake assembly; cap with warning switch.

    ABS (Anti-lock Brake System).
    Hydraulic pump assembly (including seals); ABS control module; wheel speed sensors; relays; ASC+T hydraulic unit.

    Alternator/generator; voltage regulator; starter motor, starter solenoid; windshield wiper motor; rear window wiper motor; power window motors; power seat drives; convertible top storage lid and top drive motors; manually and electrically operated switches; front and rear main wiring harnesses; on-board computer; engine control module; power door and central locking systems; remote electronic entrance system; cruise control switch, actuator and control module; sunroof motor and gear; turn signal/headlight dimmer switch; electronic mirror motors and switches; windshield wiper delay switch; horn contacts, brush, contact ring assembly and horns; rear window defogger; all gauges; instrument and service indicator circuit boards; LCD display modules and coding plugs; control modules.

    Air conditioning/ heating system.
    Condenser; compressor; evaporator; receiver-drier; idler pulley/belt tensioner; compressor clutch and pulley; heating and A/C control panel and control module; expansion valve; stepper motors; auxiliary water pump; heater and air conditioner blower motor; heater control valve.

    Cooling system.
    Water pump; radiator; fan clutch and fan surround; idler pulley/belt tensioner; coolant recovery tank; additional fan motor.

    Fuel system.
    Fuel injectors; fuel pumps; metal and plastic lines and fittings; fuel tank; fuel injection and airflow sensors.

    Interior and exterior.
    Front seat tracks/rails; shift lever; trunk and hood gas pressure struts; bumper impact struts.

    Here is what IS NOT covered:

    Maintenance; engine, transmission, and body adjustments; wheel alignment, balancing or rotation; wiper blade inserts; engine drive belts; spark plugs; filters; fuses; all batteries; all hoses and clamps (except air conditioning and power steering); oils, lubricants, fluids, refrigerants and coolants (except as required in the course of a covered repair); brake pads and rotors; brake shoes and drums; manual transmission clutch assembles; suspension dampers (shock absorbers/strut elements); exhaust systems; tires. (Many items are included in BMW's Full/Scheduled Maintenance Program. Check for applicability.)

    All wear and tear items are the owner's responsibility . These include all suspension parts and components.

    Paint; glass; headlamps; bulbs (except instrumentation); mirrors; lenses; body and chassis; body seals and gaskets; interior and exterior trim, moldings and fasteners; upholstery, headliner, carpeting, floor and trunk mats; convertible top (all components except electronics); air or water leaks; wind or body noises; wheels; damage due to rust, corrosion or contamination

    Radio/CD (or cassette) player, telephone, navigation system, CD changer, or any components of those systems; non-original equipment parts, components or accessories.
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    extended warranty and maintenance

    My BMW dealer in Dallas says the 3 year extended maintenance warranty is $2000 (and includes the regular warranty extension), and I can buy it as a second owner, depending on the Vin and the years from original service. BMW is sticky about the date. I confess I am still looking for my Z8 and check with my contact at the dealer to see if a vin qualifies before making an offer. The latest one baffles me. The Vin number has an "X" in the middle that I don't usually see. For example, instead of WBAEJ13411AH60777, it has WBAEJ134X1AH60777. My dealer says it won't qualify for an extended maintenance warranty, but the selling broker says it has been purchased. Does anyone know how to decode the Vin?

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    There is a VIN thread on the board here....

    but I really never found a fool proof key for decoding them. If your dealer says stay away from it then I would follow his advice, for whatever reason. If you are looking for a preowned one there are enough perfect ones around with low miles not to jump on a bad one.

    Thanks for the warranty cost update. I'll be at my dealer this friday, and I intend to make the purchase, so I'll report back on the final cost etc then. I though this one seemed both expensive and short, yours is a much better deal!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Angry Extended Warranty Hassle

    Quote Originally Posted by macfly View Post
    Thanks for the warranty cost update. I'll be at my dealer this friday, and I intend to make the purchase, so I'll report back on the final cost etc then. I though this one seemed both expensive and short, yours is a much better deal!
    Andrew--what extended warranty did you decide upon?

    My Z8 goes out of warranty 12/06 and so I called Advantage BMW here in Houston. I was told I would only qualify for the extended warranty that you quoted above for $3749. (2 years/100K miles). I asked if there was a longer warranty available, he said there was, but I wouldn't qualify because I had upgraded the car with the Dinan Stage 1 software!! Have you heard of this? Is there a better 3rd party warranty out there?

    BMW just disappoints me more every day...

    Thanks for any information.

    Frank Falbey
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    I never did get round to getting that warranty.....

    but I guess I'll have to think about it now as my car has just a few months left on it now. BMW NA have been so atrociously shady with me reccently that I wouldn't be surprised if thier extended warranty was a sham too. Since they have sold us a car we can't drive the chance of doing the miles that would require any kind of warranty repair are also pretty negligable, so I may just pass on it.

    To be honest I'm really thinking that I'll sell my car once I have the fix in place. I'm so disgusted by BMW that I don't really want any of thier lies in my life anymore, and every time I look at the car I can't drive in my garage I just feel like I've been conned.
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    Guys, send me an e re: the warranty stuff. I have (gurgle) connections.
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    This is odd about second owners. I bought my Z8 last December from a dealer. It was a "certified" car and as part of the deal, I got the 2 year extended warranty at no extra cost. As of this month, it kicked in. I think the second owner issue is only if it is a private or non-dealer sale. Also, I have my inspection this Wed. and I asked to be present for the whole thing and the dealer seemed to be fine with this. Of course, it hasn't happened yet.

    Bob Adler