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Thread: This is terribly serious...

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    This is terribly serious...

    I haven't done the research to back this presentation up, or read the treaty, so I can't be sure if this is right or not, but if nothing else it is a wake up call to us all to pay close attention to what Washington is actually doing.

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    Saw the video last week and heard the speaker on local talk radio Friday. I understand this video has gone viral and hopefully will prompt a push of information to help us understand the implications. If it's bad as the speaker suggests, I doubt that this will muster 2/3 senate support.

    But, it would be nice to see the treaty in current form.

    While I believe we should be good stewards of the planet, the unwillingness on the part of some to acknowledge the spectrum of causes of climate cycles and others to concede that we might have at least a miniscule impact, is troubling. Would love to see a debate between the best and brightest on both sides with robust fact checking.

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    I watched 20/20 last Friday night, and it had a segment about a book by two authors called "Freakonomics." I am not kidding. There is a company in Northern California of whose name I cannot remember, which works on all kinds of problems deemed unsolvable, such as preventing hurricanes and "curing" global warming. This company gets alot of its funding from Bill Gates. They said, and I am not kidding, that if a hose, like a garden hose, could reach up 100,000 feet into the sky, held up along the way by weather type balloons, and spray some sort of amonia type chemical into the atmosphere, that would in and of itself be able to lower the temperature on Earth. If deployed over the North Pole, they said it could prevent the melting of the ice caps there. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it is true. Maybe you can Google the story. Anyway, it seems we have the ability to quickly reverse the warming that has occurred over the last 100 years with something as simple as a garden hose, albeit a very long one!

    This company is called IV and the chemical is sulphur dioxide.

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    Interesting topic of American sovereignty and world treaties of which there are many. To get a better understanding of how all of this might play out you should read The Constitution and American Sovereignty, by Prof Jeremy Rabkin,a George Mason University, and previous Cornell law professor for 27 years. The talk is published in the Imprimis, 07-08/2009, a publication of Hillsdale College. Erik

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    Hey guys, don't you think this is just another chapter in their book & still about creating fear, power, money and CONTROL. Comrade Gore & his party, still can't accept his loss to W and Congress is still hell bent on their myopic view of how Socialism will help. Watch out for the diversions they create as they do their real damage in private sessions, ie: Employment, Health Care, Middle East specifically Afghanistan, Wall St, Banking & $ weakness. Let me ask you all one question. Have you EVER been so stressed/concerned for the future of this country...the world?

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    Reminds me the "Spectra"organization from 007 movies, only instead of one bad guy we have a bunch of politicians around the world doing all these things for their advantage .
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    Sadly the truth of that maybe closer than you think. Daniel Estulin's True Story of the Bilderberg Group is an absolute must read if you care to look deeper into the world they wish to plan for us.
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