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Thread: Rear fog light design

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    Rear fog light design

    Does anyone know why BMW put a rear fog light opposite the backup light on the rear bumper so that it is often mistake for a twin backup light? For years I have had people tell me I have a backup light out and I actually got pulled over for it the other day by a police officer backing out of my parking space.

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    It is a German thing.
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    Actually, if you ever find yourself in bad fog while driving, it is a very useful thing to have. The button to turn it on is located below the headlight switch. Someone coming up behind you on a foggy road will see that light well before the tail lights. Plus, it is so much fun telling people that no, this car only came with one back up light.

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    Actually it is common in Europe for cars to have at least one rear fog light--for visibility of your car to others behind you. The problem I've seen here in the states is many people turn on the rear fog lights and never turn them off. This makes them too bright at night for people behind them and confussing for people who think they are regular brake lights. When I used to travel to Europe on business, our controller in Waterford, Ireland, used to turn his "single" rear fog light on when people got too close to cause them to back off a little. His light was quite bright. My 1987 535i is wired for rear fog lights, but they were never installed because the car was built for the US market. I simply wired them up as two additional brake lights.
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