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Thread: A letter from Dubai.

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    A letter from Dubai.


    We all (well most of us!) have self imposed spending limits on cars, in 2002 mine was $95,000 and I had decided to trade in my Maserati 3200 for a new fully specked 4200,during the ?discussion? period over the Maser I dropped into my local BMW dealer (already had a Cooper S & a 330 Coupe) to look at a beautiful Topaz Blue Z8.

    The normal list price on this car over here is $120,000 and over my limit but while I was looking at the car the salesman (who I knew) can up to me and said ?Mr. Martin this car is for you? after telling him straight that it was way over what I was going to spend he told me ?come and talk to me!?

    To cut a long story short it appears that a young member of the Royal Family ordered TWO Z8?s Black& cream and Blue & Cream. Because he was a member of the Royal Family he was not asked for a deposit and just signed the order form. When the cars turned up he was nowhere to be found!!! It turned out that he did not have the authority to spend that kind of cash; anyway some kind of compensation deal had just been worked out when I walked into the showroom!!!

    The bottom line is that I paid $89,000 for a BRAND NEW Z8!! Not a bad deal!

    It was then taken straight to Hamann Dubai for the following to be fitted:

    Hamann Body kit
    Full Exhaust (four pipe)
    Speed derestricted chip
    300KPH Speedo
    Pedals, gear lever, handbrake
    Stainless Steel roll hoops

    20? Breyton Magic Racing split rim wheels
    255 front & 285 rear Rosso?s

    With the hard top on the car has shown just over 300KPH (186 MPH)

    And believe me if you ever want to drive fast and not end up in Jail Dubai is THE place.

    Marty in Dubai.
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    can you please send more fotos of these beauty????

    [email protected]

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    Looks GREAT!

    What a lucky chap on getting that deal wound up. Impressive.