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Thread: Slippery Slope

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    Slippery Slope

    I notice that I am driving around a lot with the 'sport' button turned on and the car is much peppier. Is this a slippery slope toward wanting to upgrade the car. I know when I switch the button off that the car is a much different animal.

    Now I know whay brakes, Dinan chip, exhaust and even the clutch are such upgrades that take the whole experience to a new level.

    Oh, I can just feel the pain from the wife and her inquiry about the cost of these toy upgrades!

    Now how do I hide this process ';-)

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    Hi, welcome, and congratulations! I picked up my Z8 (Ti/Red) from the dealer in 7/02. I have since covered about 15,xxx miles and still look foward to every chance I get to drive it. I too almost always drive in sport mode and would never consider any performance modifications other than perhaps replacing the the clutch delay valve. I still own a Porsche and have been fortunate to have had a number of sports cars over the years. Some were slightly faster, some more agile, and some perhaps displayed a more notable exhaust. None to my mind have ever given me the same driver/owner satisfaction as the Z8. I am certain that whatever I might do to this car to improve it in one of these areas would detract from it in other ways that would lessen its overall impression in my mind. Sorry to ramble, I'm just passionate! Don't do it. JMHO

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    Since I have a quite heavily modded Z8 and a bone stock one I can tell you the modded one is a lot nicer to drive, especially at speed, but most of my mods are for handling and feel, not to add power, as I find the car has quite enough power for all the driving I do.
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    I agree with Andrew. But some mods are nearly mandetory, and cost very little.

    ? Tires
    ? CDV removal (Clutch delay valve)
    ? Sway Bars
    ? Exhaust

    These are my "Must have" mods.......more would be nice, like the Euro Alpina suspension

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    don't be afraid of mods that have stood test of time

    Dinan S2 upgrades, CDV removed, non run flat tires, Quaife differential with 3.64, short shift kit, Eisenmann race exhuast, "bmw performance package".

    If I could only do one, it would be the exhaust, for pleasure per buck. I am very happy with all the mods and the car is faster (no sport button needed!) and more sure footed than stock, yet has lost nothing in drivability or comfort. It's been all win win except for the time, effort, and dollars involved. Exterior is completely stock.