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Thread: Conversion to the UK

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    Conversion to the UK

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to get my Z8, imported from the States, registered here in the U.K. All is well except that having replaced the rear lenses from red only (US) to red/orange for Europe, when the indicators are turned on, the lights don't seem to signal in the orange part of the lens. Is it a software programming issue? If anyone has imported a Z8 from the States to the UK, maybe you can help. I would be very grateful indeed!
    Ken George

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    sorry I can t advise you about your question but I have a question for you. Can you buy just the glass orange and red lens or do you have to purchase the complete rear taillight assembly? I have imported 2 BMW Z8 to UK but the had UK rear tailights so I did have to change them but the 3rd one I will have to change. I do have some spares such as a miles an hour and km instruments available.By the way if any of your friends or colleagues are interested I have a black with red interior BMW for sale in Beverly S.Yorkshire 72000 pounds sterling its immaculate, 01482866466. would like to hear about the lenses many thanks best of luck Noel

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    The lens is not detachable, it is a complete sealed unit, and they are not cheap. However if you are considering changing them you should contact the Z8 Club first, as we are getting very close to the time when they said the new LED versions would be ready. The great advantage with those is they will not go bad after a few years as all the neon ones are destined to do.
    Andrew Macpherson

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