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Thread: Auto Enthusiast Grand Tour of Germany

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    Auto Enthusiast Grand Tour of Germany

    Between the Z8 Club?s 10th Anniversary events in Munich and the Frankfurt Auto Show a week later, we had some time to kill, so??we planned a grand tour of Germany, linked together by some fascinating automotive destinations. This tour includes the museums of BMW, Audi, EMW/Wartburg, VW, Mercedes and Porsche, plus 4 other car museums including the incredible Transport Museum at Sinsheim and the museum at the legendary Nurburgring. We even work in a few non-automotive cultural excursions. The last day is dedicated to the world?s largest car show, the bi-annual Frankfurt Auto Show. It?s a spectacle to behold.

    The events in bold (below) are for members of the International Z8 Club only (you can join, if necessary, but need to resister for those events by Saturday, May 23). You?ll see some time slots in Munich where we plan to bail-out on the Z8 group to do something else.

    We're extreme travellers (it's all in the planning!), rent fast cars, have a good GPS, and this is my ~25th trip to Germany. But it's still a lot for most travellers, so feel free to join-up or drop-off at any point along the way. I can provide hotel and flight info separately. We hope you can join us. The more, the merrier.

    Paul Peck
    Cell: 469-855-5000

    Wednesday Sept. 9
    - 2:45 pm, Fly to Frankfurt on AA70,

    Thursday Sept. 10
    - 7:00 am, Arrive in Frankfurt
    - 8:30 am, Inter-City Express (ICE, ein classe) train to Munich
    - 12:30 noon, Arrive in Munich Hauptbahnhof,
    - 12:30 pm, Pick Up Rent Car
    - 1:00 pm, Check-In at Munich Marriott
    - 2:00 pm, Tour Local BMW Dealer & ARC, Test Drives
    - 8:00 pm, Group Dinner at Marriott

    Friday Sept. 11
    - 10:00 am, Drive to BMW Plant in Dingolfing
    - 12:00 am, Plant Tour of Dingolfing Factory
    - 2:00 pm, Drive Back to Munich per scenic guidebook
    (or bail out and go to Wasserberg, Amerang Museum, & Chiemsee)
    - 8:00 pm, Dinner Event at ?BMW Classic?

    Saturday Sept 12
    - 10:00 am, Tour of BMW Welt (World) and BMW Museum
    - 12:00 noon, Lunch at BMW Welt
    - 2:00 pm, Annual Meeting of Z8 Club, BoD Election
    (or bail out and go Ingolstadt/Audi Museum, ~1.5 hours away)
    - 8:00 pm, Gala Event at BMW Museum

    Sunday Sept 13
    - 10:00 am, Drive to Kaltenberg
    - 12:00 noon, Lunch in Kaltenberg
    - 2:00 pm, Drive Back to Munich Marriott per scenic guidebook
    (or take short cut back to Munich, and tour the Deutsche Museum Auto Section)
    - 8:00 pm, Dinner at Munich Marriott

    Monday Sept 14
    - 10:00 am, Guided Tour of Main BMW Plant in Munich
    - 12:00 noon, Drive to Nuremberg
    - 2:00 pm, Afternoon Sightseeing in Nuremberg
    - 5:00 pm, Drive to Meiningen
    - 7:00 pm, Dinner & Evening in Meiningen
    - 9:00 pm, Meet bar owner friend Marco Otto et al at Kunsthaus Bar

    Tuesday Sept 15
    - 8:00 am, Drive to Eisenach
    - 9:00 am, Tour pre-war BMW factory, also post-war EMW/Wartburg factory
    - 10:30 am, Tour Martin Luther?s School House
    - 11:00 am, Tour Wartburg Castle
    - 12:00 noon, Lunch at Wartburg Castle
    - 1:00 Drive to Erfurt, see Martin Luther Cathedral
    - 2:00 pm, Drive to Dresden
    - 4:00 pm, Tour VW Transparent Factory
    - 7:00 pm, Dinner & Evening in Dresden

    Wednesday, Sept 16
    - 8:00 am, Sightseeing in Dresden
    - 11:00 noon, Drive to Berlin, Lunch along the way
    - 2:00 pm, Arrive Berlin, Sightseeing
    - 7:00 pm, Turn in Rent Car
    - 8:00 pm, Dinner & Evening in Berlin

    Thursday, Sept 17
    - 8:00 am, Flight from Berlin to Stuttgart
    - 9:30 am, U-Bahn to Hotel near Hauptbahnhof to drop bags
    - 10:00 am, U-Bahn to Mercedes Museum in South Stuttgart
    - 10:40 am, Tour Mercedes Museum
    - 1:00 pm, Lunch at Caf? in Mercedes Museum
    - 2:00 pm, U-Bahn to Zuffenhausen
    - 3:00 pm, Arrive in Zuffenhausen, Tour Porsche Museum
    - 6:30 pm, U-Bahn to Stuttgart Hotel near Hauptbahnhof
    - 8:00 pm, Dinner and Evening in Stuttgart

    Friday, Sept 18
    - 8:00 am, Rent Car, Drive to Transport Museum in Sinsheim
    - 9:00 am, Arrive at Museum in Sinsheim
    - 11:00 am, Start Drive to Nurburgring
    - 12:00 noon, Lunch along the way (Mainz?)
    - 2:00 pm, Arrive at Nurburgring
    1. Ring Taxi Ride
    2. Museum Tour
    3. Hang Out at Green Hell Caf?
    4. Nearby Motorcycle Museum Tour
    - 5:00 pm, Depart for Frankfurt
    - 7:00 pm, Arrive Frankfurt, Turn in Rent Car
    - 7:30 pm, Check-In to Hotel near Hauptbahnhof
    - 8:30 pm, Dinner & Evening in Frankfurt (Aldstadt area)

    Saturday, Sept 19
    - 8:00 am, Go to Frankfurt Auto Show (Walking Distance)
    - 12:00 noon, Lunch in Biergarten at Frankfurt Auto Show
    - 1:00 pm, More Frankfurt Auto Show
    (or walk back to Hotel, rest, shop, etc.)
    - 5:00 pm, Sightseeing in Frankfurt
    - 7:00 pm, River Boat Dinner Cruise on River Main

    Sunday, Sept 2
    - 8:00 am, Commuter train to Frankfurt Airport
    - 9:00 am, Check-In at Frankfurt Airport
    - 10:00 am, Return Flight, AA71
    - 2:45 pm, Arrive at DFW


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    Please add in pictures and a brief description of each day as you go, what a great trip!!
    Look forward to seeing you in Munich.
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    Extension to Z8 Anniversary - Car Guy Grand Tour

    Here's a note I just sent to my good friend, Nerces Mavelian, who owns AutoScope in Dallas. Nerces and Kathy are the 4th couple joining us on the "Auto Enthusiast Grand Tour of Germany", immediately following the Z8 10th Anniversary Weekend. Also jouning us are Dennis "Pandaman" Slechta & Shelly Ruddick, and Larry & Elizabeth "Leadfoot" Jones.

    The full itinerary of the "Grand Tour" is at the beginning of this thread. Feel free to join-up or bail-out at any point along the way.


    We booked ya?ll into all the hotels and upgraded the cars. You?ll join us on the last day of the Z8 10th anniversary weekend in Munich, Sunday Sept 13, and we all fly home from Frankfurt on Sunday the 20th.

    Here?s the summary: you will get to spend a week in Germany, and see the Museums at BMW in Munich, Audi in Ingolstadt, Marco Otto?s Kunsthaus Party in Meiningen, EMW in Eisenach, Volkswagen in Dresden, Mercedes in Stuttgart, Porsche in Zuffenhausen, Transport Museum in Sinsheim, thee Nurburgring, and the bi-annual Frankfurt Autoshow, for two people, all for about $2,000 plus airfare and meals.

    Here's the cost details:
    Sun 9/13 - Munich ? Marriott: 150 EUR
    Mon 9/14 - Minivan from Munich to Berlin: your share = 200EUR
    Mon 9/14 ? Meiningen ? ErnestinerHof: 52 EUR
    Tue 9/15 ? Dresden ? Dorint: 126 EUR
    Wed 9/16 ? Berlin ? Alexander Plaza: 128 EUR
    Thu 9/17 ? Flight from Berlin to Stuttgart for 2: 180 EUR
    Thu 9/17 ? Stuttgart ? InterCityHotel: 119 EUR
    Fri 9/18 - Car from Stuttgart to Frankfurt via Nurburgring!: your share = 80 EUR
    Fri 9/18 ? Frankfurt ? Marriott: 127 EUR
    Sat 9/19 ? Frankfurt ? Marriott :127 EUR

    So that totals 1289 EUR (about $1,800) for all Hotels and transportation
    All the tickets for the Museums will be about $200
    ~$2000 total for the two of you plus airfare and meals.

    Thanks go to Miz Betty, extreme travel queen, for the bargain shopping!


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    Itinerary Map of "Grand Tour"

    In case you're in Germany starting next week, we still have extra rooms booked for the nights of Monday 14th thru Saturday 19th, but for a limited time only (about 1 more week)

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    Fantastic, I'm really looking forward to your daily updates!
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.