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Thread: Routine Maintenance

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    Routine Maintenance

    Routine Up Keep?:

    My 2001 bought new has now 24k miles and looks to be average 2500-3000/year for the foreseeable future. Car is always garaged in SoCal and driven with enthusiasm and will see 100mph or so when out and when safe for a short distance. Really like getting to that speed reasonably quickly, but frankly do not prefer to stay more then 10mph above posted speed limits most of the time.

    Car has always been serviced at the dealership and they do a nice job and recommend oil changes once a year and will do a visual checkout when in the shop.

    All seems a reasonable approach and just wondering how others are maintaining their cars oil, belts, fluids, filters ect?

    Thanks to Z8 World here and all the accumulated knowledge I have had many of the problems listed over the years all fixed both inside and outside the warranty.

    Common problems repaired:

    Left headlight fogged and replaced free
    Both taillights replaces (paid half on first one?second one free)
    Cracked window shield while setting in garage when new replace free
    Laminated dash problem fixed free
    Inside rear view mirror fixed free
    Seat backs plastic reattached and glued free
    Original battery replaced free
    Steering column wheel lock replaced free

    Altogether BMW has been really great about backing up this car for now almost 8 years. Just thought I would get that fact on the record. Probably will continue for at least another 42 years assuming they are able to keep the original 50 year promise of support.

    Probably why I have always had two or more BMW in my garage since 1977?.16 altogether but who is counting.

    So that is the reason for the original question of opinions about routine maintenance to keep it going another 42 years or something like that?

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    Thanks Ron, glad to hear all is well......just try to "Stretch her legs" a little more often. The occasional 130-150 is nice!

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    I think the real key as time goes on is to take our cars to as few shops as possible. Concentrating our business on a few great shops will allow the Z8/Alpina knowledge bank to grow and make keeping them on the road a better informed affair, along with the vital work done in Germany with the Z8 Club.

    There is so much changing in the car world that I doubt we'll get our promised 50 years of back up now. This week there are even rumors of MB & BMW merging to survive the crisis, and if that happens all bets are off. I digress, back to your original question, what to do to service a Z8. I'd say go to one of the three Z8 specialists in CA, Peter Pan in the Bay Area, Bimmers Clinic in LA and Bulletsports in Costa Mesa. They are all highly recommended, and will also share info with us through the site, and that will help us all keep our cars as perfect as possible. There really isn't much to do other than change the fluids, keep the radiators and MAF's clean, and check the steering & wheel bearings. Everything else is the same as any other car, and those shops are all great at making sure yours is in tip top condition.
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    Seems like you have a great dealer to replace so many things for free. I was charged to glue the seat back on the last time. I have had
    - the plastic housing inside the wheel well replaced (expensive just for plastic - $400+ repair)
    - material on the inside of the trunk lid replaced
    - nav system replaced
    - LED tail light replaced - 50% off - OMG is that an expensive repair

    That is about it. Also have a 2001 with 28,000 miles.

    Jay in So Florida
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