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Thread: The joys of winter...

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    The joys of winter...

    Andrew Macpherson

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    I haven't seen that in years. Still funny. Thanks.

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    additional considerations about winter

    I laughed...that's close to winter's joy...but i would add a couple of refinements...we need a snowplow coming by and depositing another couple of feet of slush to the problem....i would also add a frozen door...and the ritual of pouring hot water to get 15seconds to free it or forgetaboutit...finally we all know that the car isn't going to needs the dying whine of a spent battery...god winter is i know some of you live in the land of wonderful weather...but the motto up here is you can't really appreciate good weather and the joy of driving in it...if you don't experience the really bad stuff and a couple of months of z8 withdrawal...luvnlfe

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    That looks like winter in Chicago! I'm really looking forward to spring this year since I haven't driven the car since Thanksgiving.