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Thread: New to board: Z8 prices in this economy

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    New to board: Z8 prices in this economy

    I am new to this board & currently researching for a purchase of a Z8. I am looking for a car with less than 10k on the odometer. In this ecomony, what would you think would be a reasonable price for a no stories car with this milage? Also, would a BMW dealer be a good place for a prepurchase inspection? I'm sure I will have many other questions in the future, this seems like a good place to start.

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    The story with the economy is far from over, so predicting prices in a deflationary environment is hard, but right now a mint silver/black car with less than 100 miles can be had on our board for around the $140,000 mark, with prices going down to around half that for a very high mileage off lease beater with domed shock towers on EBay. Overall I'd say you'll be north of $120,000 to get a mint keeper/collector show car, and good user with 5-10k miles will be between 100k & 120k, below $100k you'll enter the world of stories, problems and things to avoid unless you have a very lucky firesale find.
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    For a quick overview of the market I use these three sites...

    Autotrader. has 23 Z8's from $160,000 - $76,000 has 19 Z8's from $160,000 - $79,000 shows 77 cars from all over the world, and throws in some random Alfa's for good measure!

    MobileDE is the biggest Z8 selling site in Europe, just to give you an idea of costs over there.
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    Overall it seems that low milage Z8's not depreciated at the same rate as other exotics.
    In your opinion, where do you see values going over the next 5-7 years. I ask b/c my 97 911 is worth about 50% as to what I paid for it in 2000 & they seem to have leveled off. Also, I checked the other web sites for cars for sale in this thread. I imagine that these are "asking" prices & may negotiable up to maybe 10%?

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    Assuming that nothing changes with the economy I'd say that the Z8 should continue to climb slowly from here. They reached a low point of around the mid-90's for a very clean one about three years ago, and values have been slowly moving up from there, with several mint cars trading hands this year in the high 130's and 140's. The Z8 shouldn't depreciate like larger production run cars, but rather get lifted as with other halo cars like the Enzo, as it is an extremely beautiful and collectable car.

    It is worth noting that all the cars it was road tested against have lost a minimum of 50% of their value, but several, like the AM V8, MB SL500 and the Lotus Esprite have lost over 75% of their value in the same time!
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    Just one more thing

    Should I locate a car I like, Where is the best place for a pre purchase inspection? Would all BMW dealers know what to look for on this car?

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    In a nutshell no, there are not that many dealers experienced enough with Z8 to give you what you need to know, In the Bay Area there is Peter Pan, in the LA area Century West and in the OC Irvine BMW. Once we leave the southern half of CA I don't have too many suggestions.
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    Looks like you are from NY. If you are near the city, there will be a few dealers who have experience with the car. I'm in S. Jersey between Philly and Atlantic City. There are a number of experienced Z8 shops around here. Let me know if you want more details on locations.

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    Dealer PPI

    Do you know of any dealers on long Island who would be knowledgeable enough to perform a PPI?

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    Thumbs up BMW of Peabody - Boston Area

    I found the perfect Z8 at BMW of Peabody in early December. They made buying a car from half way across the country (Michigan), a stress free experience.

    First of all, one of the Owners, Bill Currie is a real car guy . You could spend all day talking cars and car history with him and not notice the day go by. He related the story of sellling my car to its current owner on Martha's Vineyard. He drove the Z8 (Ferry included) all the way to the island for a test drive!. He not only sold the car, but got to ride in an old WACO Biplane... Secondly, The Service Manager at BMW of Peabody, Joe Tammaro is also, the Z8 specialist. The best of both worlds! Joe is very honest. He did my pre-purchase inspection and the couple of surprises I found on my test drive were fixed before delivery (Strings, Console latch and Leaking Valve Cover). Also, He did a great job on the installation of the PPI. Thirdly, Rick Screti ([email protected]) is a very good sales person. He was up against three other cars I was looking at and in a very professional manner convinced me that his car was the one.

    So, if your looking for a dealer with lots of Z8 experience, specifically the PPI and close by Long Island (4 hours) I would choose BMW of Peabody.

    P.S. They had another Z8 for sale when I arrived, but I think it went to a buyer in Connecticut. They keep in touch with Z8 owners and want the opportunity to take there Z8's in trade for new BMW's. So, knowing they had a buyer they might make some calls...

    221 Andover Street
    Peabody, MA 01960
    Sales: 978.538.9900