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Thread: New Daily Driver

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    New Daily Driver

    My New Beetle TDI had made it to 176K miles, so while it was in for service, I took the opportunity to drive the new Jetta TDI. First, no clatter. The salesman started it with the windows down and the hood up, and I drove it windows down. I've often remarked that no diesel will ever sound pleasant - I take that back - while the exhaust note is far from inspirational, it no longer sounds like a washing machine full of nuts and bolts on the spin cycle. At 140 hp and, more importantly 236 ft-lb of torque, the performance isn't diesel-like either. My personal test is that it can climb Pacheco Pass at 75 in sixth. Second, the fuel mileage is now reading 43.9 MPG. It also is so clean that it qualifies for a $1,300 IRS tax credit. It even has a satellite radio and the signals blink 3 times when you hold the signal lever down - just like my M6.

    So one followed me home last Thursday - consider it a $22K / 41 MPG car cover for the Z8.

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    My father purchased one shortly after they came out. He couldn't be more pleased.

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    Congrats on your purchase. You show me yours and I'll show you mine. The Vette arrived yesterday and Brandon and I are having fun under the hood. I tried to get the driver to leave the '32 Ford that just went through a complete restoration but he said sumptin' about the owner wanting it delivered. The Bentley woulda been nice too.