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Thread: New Owner!!

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    New Owner!!

    I have just joined the board with the arrival of my Z8. First I want to congratulate and thank all members for the incredible amount of useful information on this board.

    I have been a long time BMW owner but getting a Z8 has been a long time dream for me. I was waiting for the right car to come along and luckily found this 2000 model. It is in very good shape although certainly not showroom level. I have already started on a list of actions and would appreciate any feedback or guidance.

    Seat Back Covers - were loose due to glue failure on clips. I have fixed it this weekend although unfortunately one of the side clips is missing on the driver's side!! Any ideas on where/how I can replace this?

    Rear view mirror - Mirror is discolored. I see that this is a common problem as well. I will have to work with BMW on this and hopefully avoid having to purchase a new one.

    Soft Top Rear Window Discoloration - again I see this is fairly common. I did purchase some recommended cleaning agent and is has made an amazing difference. Can now see through it. Will be even easier to see during the day when the mirror is fixed.

    Performance Package - I read about this with great interest before buying the car. I performed the "quarter test" and it passed. Also had the car looked over by my local BMW dealer (MoutainView CA) with good feedback. I will certainly install the PP and would appreciate any guidance from members in Bay Area who have done this

    Seatback Windbreaker - It seems some of the fasteners have broken (come loose from the windbreaker itself). Not sure about easy fix for this one. Not critical but any advice would be appreciated.

    Once above is done I will start on addressing minor body work that needs to be addressed.

    I am also interested in any activities happening in Northern California.

    Thanks again for a great board!!

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    Congratulations Simon!

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    Welcome Simon. We can always use some more Bay Area owners. Are you on the peninsula? PM me your contact info, and I'll get in touch about any local events. Things will slow down in the winter but there is some great driving for sure. As for all your projects, a lot of those subjects are covered here on the board if you can find it. Fortunately none of them apply to me other than the PP. I would highly recommend you contact Dana Caldwell at Pete Pan re: the PP (and anything else). If you didn't know, he is "The man" in Z8 service, and lucky you seem to be right close.



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    Congratulations & welcome - and as Ian said Dana is the man, his direct dial at Peter Pan is 650-294-2123
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Congrats and welcome!

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    Welcome and congrats from Modesto.

    For a ton of fun drives and events, check out:

    It is a local group of Z3, Z4 and Z8 owners from throughout the bay area and NorCal. There is no charge to join.

    Also, check out:

    They are another great organization.

    Let's do coffee soon. I was raised in Sunnyvale / Mt. View and always enjoy the drive over via Niles Canyon.

    Scott Pettit

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    Welcome Simon!
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