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Thread: Calling all Alpinistas

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    Calling all Alpinistas

    The September issue of Roundel magazine includes the following announcement:

    Alpina par-tay: Want a swell time in your BMW Alpina? Just provide proof that you own a 2003 Alpina Roadster V8 or a 2007-2008 Alpina B7, and head for the California wine country! Starting on September 30th, Alpinistas will enjoy a private winery tour in Cupertino, overnight in Half Moon Bay, and drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to Infineon Raceay. Details: [email protected],de or [email protected].

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    I have Alpina Wheels

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    Kris contacted me a couple of months ago, and I already forwarded him the emails of our Alpina owners, so everyone here should already know about it. Sadly those of us with Alpina suspension and/or wheels aren't invited!
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