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Thread: What an incredible car!

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    Talking What an incredible car!

    Alright, so I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but having just done a seven and a half hour almost five hundred mile sprint back to LA from Napa, most of it at about ninety, except the 58, which was considerably more, I'm even more blown away by the ability and comfort of the Z8.

    Of course I've added the Alpina suspension, Dinan sways, 20" rims with Pirellis and Brembo's, all of which combine to make it so right. It drives and handles with such poise, balance and stability that I know it is as good as I'll ever need any road car to be!!

    To finish up the ten best day's of car stuf I've ever done (Monterey & Napa) I had to take a better way home than droning down the I-5, so I did 29s> 80> San Fran 280> San Jose I-101> Paso Rables 299> 58> 33> 166> Grapevine I-5.

    The Napa trip added another 1400 miles the odo, pushing it over 10k, but the joy of the last ten days driving defies words, or the consequence of any depreciation the miles may cause.
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    What a fantastic event and too bad we couldn't make it.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and write-ups.
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    I agree completely with Andrew on the road manners of the Z8. I have owned many different exotic cars and I have found that after two hours, I have to stop and get out of the car due to either a sore back or sore right leg. The last car was my 996 Porsche turbo. At no point during my drive to Monterey, our 160 plus mile drive while up there, or the drive home did I ever experience any fatigue at all. The car was simply a delight and its road manners superb. It is truly a perfect blend of comfort and muscle car. I was worried about putting so many miles on my car in such a short period of time, but I am happy I did. As Andrew pointed out to me, miles are like dollars; you can't take them with you once you depart planet Earth.

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    We just did 1000 miles in 2 days from Napa to Seattle via Crater lake, but mostly I-5, and this car is more comfortable to drive all day than my 330. It seems that no-one knows that southern Oregon has roads, so they were empty and had great surfaces too. Keeping it under 90 took some doing!

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    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto....

    I now have over 46K on the odo but these last 1500 have been some of the best I have driven.... especially that last 40 miles of Pope Valley --- just incredible. I now envy you guys in California even more (that includes thegunguy now!). What great weather, great roads and of course, the great people make it one of the best experiences I have ever had.

    Now.... just to convince the wife to let me buy another Z8 to keep in California to find an excuse to come out more often. Although, I did make a wrong turn in Napa and ended up by mistake at the hospital... seems they need and orthopedic doc there... you never know.

    Seriously though, the roads in and around Napa are some of the best I have ever been on (except for the West Virginia twisties) and if anyone here ever gets a chance to experience them first hand, I would recommend the Z8 to do it in. My setup (Dinan Stage 3 suspension, 20" Wheels, MSP2s and INHO, the Quaife LSD) made the roads sooooo very enjoyable -- beyond words. I will add though, that the 3,64 gears I have made playing in 3rd most of the time possible with only having to downshift to 2nd with only the slowest of turns and most of the time made getting into 4th easier and very fast (read: exhilarating).
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    Depreciation only counts if you plan to sell the car - duh!