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Thread: PS2 Update

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    PS2 Update

    Thursday, I replaced my stock Bridgestone, on the recommendation of this forum, with PS?2. I must say that when I drove off from the tire store I was slightly disappointed. I was really enjoying the ride and drive of the Z8 with it?s stock tires when all of the sudden it changed. Friday, I spent the entire day driving the Z with the new PS2?s. I put about 200 miles driving down to my bay house with the top down enjoying the beautiful cool sunny ffice:smarttags" />lace w:st="on">Texaslace> day. It reminded me a lot of a typical day in lace w:st="on">Californialace>. Be that as it may, the car handled beautifully with the new PS2?s. I love the sporty feel that the PS2?s gave me. I gave up a little bit of comfort in exchange for performance that I believe the Z was designed for. I would recommend the PS2?s in a heart beat. I have them on my M6 and have enjoyed them as well. One can only wonder why the PS2?s were not scheduled for the car from the beginning. Were PS2?s around in 2000?
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    A side note: someone mentioned on this forum to use BMW?s Soft Top Cleaner to remove the film from the rear glass on the soft top. It worked!! Just a little bit of elbow grease in conjunction with the cleaner and the glass is crystal clear!

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    Michelin Pilot Sport tires were used on the Z8 for its chassis development work and were installed on the prototype Z07. It is believed that the Bridgestone RE040 runflats were chosen for the production cars as a result of marketing considerations. In hind sight, this was probably a mistake, given their adverse affect on ride quality, lack of ultimate grip, and elevated levels of shock transmission to the chassis. Everyone who has replaced them with a non-runflat performance tire has been pleased with the results. The Michelin Pilot Sport 2s replaced the original Pilot Sports and were used on the Alpina Roadster V8 to great effect. Given the development history shared by the Pilot Sports and the Z8, the PS2s are probably the best choice for typical street driving. One thing to keep in mind when installing new tires: they must be broken in before they will achieve their intended level of grip. New tires have mold release compound embedded in their top layer and until that compound is worn away, they will feel slippery and lacking in traction. This is normal and simply requires patience for the first 2-300 miles of street driving after which the tires should deliver their full potential. So always wait to judge the handling of new tires until they are broken in.