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Thread: Cost of soft top replace?

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    Question Cost of soft top replace?

    Has anyone replaced soft top on their Z8 yet and how much $ was that?
    Is it possible to only replace the "convertible assy" and keep the mechanicals?
    UPDATE: I found in the parts catalogue that the assy should be around 1900 and the glass another 400. How much could be the associated labor?
    Thank you for your input.
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    I know that the metal frame is made of magnesium, and if it gets even a tiny scratch on the coating it it will oxidize very quickly, leading to a complete failure of the structure, so replacing the soft top is something best done by a very experienced specialist.

    I suspect that the job may be rather more expensive than you might think - take a close look at the parts book, and remember these prices are four or five years old, from the days the dollar had some value!
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