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Thread: This is Jeff in Houston-New owner!

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    This is Jeff in Houston-New owner!

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    An introduction is in order. I will try to post some pics in the near future.

    The 2001 blk/blk Z8 I purchased with 4950 miles last Saturday, now has 100 more miles on the meter, and each one has been PRECIOUS!

    What a fantastic car. I can sum it up in two words: raw luxury.

    I sold my 997 C2S to a neighbor, and bought this car from another unique, older gentleman who is the original owner. Even the sequence of purchase events was entertaining.

    Must admit, that at first I was a little nervous, as the driving experience is totally different than my P-car experience. After 100 miles, however; I know that I made the right choice. Driving this car is a truly pleasurable, and substantial experience. I'm still installing the hardtop pulley system in my garage, so am looking forward to open-top motoring soon.

    As I just registered as a user, I was amazed by the welcome and quick response to several questions that I posted in "problems/solutions".

    Great forum, and thanks for your warmth and sincerity. Looking forward to sharing many miles and smiles.


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    Welcome to the forum. I too had a Porsche turbo which I sold around a year ago and the Z8 is way more fun. I would reconsider putting in a pully for the hardtop unless you intend to use it just to remove the top. Your car should have the original hardtop cart and it is a way better way to store the top. It should also have the hardtop cover that says Z8 on it. This will keep the hardtop perfectly clean while not in use. Be sure to check the forum over for tips and suggestions for your new car, such as making sure you install the performance package, get rid of the original run flat tires if they are still on the car, and many other helpful things. The more you drive the Z8, the more you will realize that there is no other car on the road that combines speed, comfort, and styling like the Z8 does. Plus, you rarely see one on the road, which is nice.

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    Welcome and congratulations. The Z8 is a wonderful vehicle. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

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    Congrats and Welcome
    2003 Z8 Black/Red

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    We hope that we can be of help to you. You'll find the forum a great resource.
    Hopefully you can join us at gatherings and, over time, you'll probably find yourself making valuable contributions to our community.
    Enjoy your wonderful car.

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    Welcome fellow Texan. Enjoy!

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    Yes indeed, welcome from a fellow Houstonian!! Once you are able to sift through all the threads, you'll see and appreciate the truly invaluable, incredible and unbelievable resource Andrew has created for us all. What a gift. Welcome.
    Frank Falbey
    62069 - Red // Crema

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    new z8

    Welcome to the very special club
    2001 Blk/red

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    Damn! I just got home from Houston tonight. Been there the last three days, the weather was great, would have been nice to see "her". Welcome to the group! And please do post some pics soon.

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    Welcome! I am sure you will have many smiles with your Z8. I've had 45,500 so far. I am slowing down but I still "LUVMY Z8".
    Joe (#1867)

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    Calling all Houstonian Z8's

    Congratulation on your new Z8.
    Let's go for a drive around Houston together some day soon.
    I'll give you a call when I get back from a quick trip.

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    OK 365, give me a shout when you are ready.

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    Welcome from the UK, I am very envious that there are so many Z8 owners in a short distance of each other. I think of the 80 approx cars sold in the UK about 40 remain as many have gone over to mainland Europe (Germany) particuarly when the euro is so strong against the pound. Not sure of any other owners in my region but on the plus side exsclusive car that gets lots of attention !!

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    Thanks, BarneyBoy. Actually, there are very few here, I believe. In a metro area of over 4 million people, I have heard an estimate of 10 cars. A physician friend of mine who travels to Europe extensively says he has seen more in London than any other single city.