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Thread: Interior paintwork detailing

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    Interior paintwork detailing

    My 2001 Blk/Blk Z8 has some very fine scratches and swirls on the interior piano finish in several areas.

    Are these items painted plastic, using the same paint as the body panels?

    I would love to find a product to polish these pieces, and hoped that someone here has a suggestion.


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    Here you go:
    Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Detailer #18

    A single-step solution that keeps clear plastic surfaces pristine. Regain the original crystalline clarity of plastic in need of restoration, using this convenient all-in-one product specially formulated by Meguiar?s. Simply spray it on and wipe it dry. You will safely remove surface contamination and achieve dramatic results on everything from window panels to instrument lenses - 8 oz.

    Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Cleaner #17

    Safely removes hairline scratches, dirt and grime. Clear plastic that has lost its clarity due to significant contamination and fine scratches should be treated using the two-step process. Meguiar?s non-abrasive, alcohol-free Plastic Cleaner aggressively cleans and removes scratches without harming the surface. Follow up with the #10 Plastic Polish for a perfect finish - 8 oz.

    Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Polish #10

    The finishing touch for maximum clarity and brilliance. Meguiar?s Plastic Polish provides the second step in the two-step restoration process for clear plastics. One easy application protects surfaces previously cleaned with #17 Plastic Cleaner. You will restore the natural brilliance, while leaving behind an anti-static coating that helps repel damaging dust and dirt - 8 oz.
    I have used these to remove the scratches also on the rear window. They work well.