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Thread: Just purchased my Z8

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    Smile Just purchased my Z8

    After seven months of searching for one I just bought a 2002 silver and black Z8 with 2400 miles on the clock. It's serial number AH61688 and I bought it from the original owner. The car appears to be perfect and came with absolutely everything including the window sticker and the book (but not the scale model). While I checked various sites on the internet several times a day, every day, I ended up finding the car on this site. It was a posting from some time ago by Howard Kilman asking for advice on selling his car (his photos of the car are still on this site). I paid 110K.

    Big thanks to Andrew Macpherson for allowing me become a member before I had the car. Andrew, it was a tremendous help to me in the process, allowing access to invaluable information. In fact the site is so interesting it certainly influenced my decision to buy a Z8.

    Also, I am very grateful to "Hayvenhurstkid" who spent a good deal of time on the phone with me answering questions and generally coaching me through the process.

    I'm so happy to finally have a Z8. I had a 2000 M5 and a 2002 M5 as daily drivers. I got one of the first 2006 M5's and disliked the SMG so much I sold it two weeks later but didn't lose money because there was still a waiting list.

    Can't wait to take the hardtop off!

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    Congratulations and welcome as now an owner. For sure, everything Andrew has done and the community around the site, is as great as the car itself. Happy motoring!

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    Congratulations Buz !

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    Congrats Buz! Sounds like you found a good one. I echo your praise for Andrew and Marty. They are true enthusiasts of the Z8 and are kind enough to share their knowledge with those of us who ask. I can't wait to be joining the ranks when I pick up my Z8 in a couple weeks.

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    Welcome, Buz.

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    Congratulations for your new purchase.

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    Glad to see you finally got your car. You left out one number of the last of your VIN, though. Enjoy it. It truly is one of the most beautiful cars to look at and one of the most fun to drive. This is a great forum to ask questions, learn more about your car, and also to share any new info you may come up with. I encourage you to get involved in any local activities there may be in your area. You will meet a really nice group of people!

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    Congratulations on your new baby. I have the same feelings on the SMG.

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    Congratulations, happy to hear you got such a good one!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Congratulations and welcome Buz. I echo all that has been said and might add that this forum stands as a testament to the great pride we all take in this wonderful car. Again thanks to Andrew for all his effort. I might also suggest you join the Z8 club for a host of reasons.

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    Congratulations and welcome! Wish you many happy miles ahead
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    Congrats on your new car. Owning a Z8 is an amazing experience. The owners group is just a great group of people - always willing to help.

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    Wow. $110K for a very low mileage 2002 seems to be an excellent price!

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    BTW, I changed the heading of the original post to reflect that that car is now sold.

    I'm very happy the site proved a useful resource to both buyer and seller.
    Andrew Macpherson

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