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Thread: Hardtop Trolley/Stand

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    Hardtop Trolley/Stand

    I am new to the forum, having just acquired Zeta (our silver/black 2002) on New Years Eve.

    I have seen lots of discussion about trolleys and stands, and like many of you, I didn't get the original with the car.

    I would really appreciate answers to a couple of questions:
    1. is anyone really happy with an inexpensive stand that they have purchased?
    2. if so, can you provide contact information for the source?
    3. also, can you provide the dimensions of the stand (HxWxD) with the hardtop on it?
    By the way, this forum was a tremendous resource when I was trying to learn about the car before we purchased it. Congratulations on a wonderful forum.


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    In Canada we did not receive the stand with the car, so I ended up purchasing one privately from another owner. I think, for its simplicity it is perfectly allright and it is easy to use and store. The soft cover that goes over the hardtop to keep dust off is just as important to me as the stand itself. I would guess that you could buy direct from BMW but at a relatively high price. I think that watching Ebay might bear fruit, but you will have a long wait. Better to post here in this forum your desire and ask for anyone interested in private sale.

    With the hardtop on it, it occupies a floor area of 24 x 62 inches, and is 58.5 inches high. There are simple plastic wheels to allow easy movement, and two of these have brakes. When not used, the stand can be disassembled very easily to store in a small volume. provides these part numbers:
    hardtop trolley: 82157037901
    protective cover: 82157037903
    I note that the trolley kit includes the cover, so not sure what the KIT part number is from BMW.

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    I have the stand, but have never taken it out of it's box - living in an earthquake zone the idea of a 100 roof rolling around the place in a shaker doesn't appeal, so I suspend mine over the Lotus! I rigged this electric hoist into the garage roof, and love it.
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