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Thread: Flooded Alpina (#62418) - Buyer Beware

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    Exclamation Flooded Alpina (#62418) - Buyer Beware

    This 2003 Alpina is in my local BMW shop for COMPLETE restoration of the entire
    interior, interior electrical parts, including by not limited to, radio, nav, CD changer, phone, ULF antenna, speakers, seats, exhaust, catalytic converters, calipers, new fluids, carpet, as well as a host of switches, fuses, and other electrical elements that make a Z8.... well, a Z8.

    Last summer's rains here in Oklahoma left certain areas of Tulsa, including the home of this car, FLOODED. The garage where this car is kept, is a basement entry and below street level. A creek behind the house over flowed, storm sewers backed up, and the water run off filled the garage of this house and unfortunately, this Z8 Alpina.

    The car has been "drying out" at my local dealership and waiting parts and more parts in an effort to resurrect it to life. It does start. The photos below show the high water mark, which filled the exhaust with muddy water and caked mud into the front air dam and lower part of the radiator.

    Although my dealer will get this done and do a reasonable job as they are a good bunch, eventually, the owner is unlikely to keep the car long term and I would forsee this making it onto the used market within the year.

    This is a US spec Alpina V8 Roadster and has last six VIN: AH62418, so any new BUYER can BEWARE.
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    Sad tale, poor chap, both his house and cars all caught by the same flood. Insurance companies are notoriously harsh when it comes to claims for water damage, so I know I'd hate to be in his shoes.

    Our German aluminum may be better prepared, but I remember copious amounts of white aluminum oxide covering the garage floor of my youth from my Dad's constantly disintegrating Maserati Mistral, so I'd be very shy of buying any aluminum car that has had much exposure to water. Happily I live in a desert!
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    I know this may be a bad joke, but for those of us who remember the movie "Risky Business" Tom Cruise sinks his father's Porsche 928 into a pond. I will never forget the classic line when Cruise was sitting dumbfounded at the dealership with his friends and the service advisor walked up to them with estimate in hand and spoke the memorable words "O.K, which one of you is the U-Boat captain?"

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    Great quote!

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