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Thread: Maintenance questions

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    Maintenance questions

    Hi from Chicago... just a couple of quick questions on fluids..wasn't sure where to post this. My local BMW dealer recommended that I change the power steering fluid on the car. The car is a 2003 Alpina, so it's about 4 1/2 years old now, with about 8200 miles. I change the brake fluid and coolant every other year. I have had oil changes done every 6 months.

    Should I have the power steering fluid changed? Is every 6 months too often for oil and filter change? I've been on the spring and fall schedule for the oil changes. I don't drive the car in the winter -- unless the roads are dry and there is no salt on the road. Sometime I can get out 1 or 2 times per month for a decent ride in the winter months (hey maybe it's time to move !!!)



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    I'd suggest changing all the fluids at the end of each driving season, once a year. This is based on what I learnt from our friends in Europe, who litterally hibernate their cars for the winter. What I had never known or considered is that it is better to put a car 'to bed' with fresh everything, oils, hydraulics, coolants, etc, because the newer, uncontaminated liquids will do far less harm sitting than older used fluids. The nice thing is when you break your car out in the middle of winter for a fine day's drive it will really feel new!

    (ps: I moved this into the main forum as it is a very timely topic)
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