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Thread: The Z8's are flowing back to Europe...

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    The Z8's are flowing back to Europe...

    Our destitute dollar below EU1.40 is making the US Z8 too much of a bagain for car lovers in Europe to resist. A mint CA car will fetch abit over a EU100K ($140K+) after import and emmissions, meaning that there is a good $30-40K profit potential in every clean low milage Z8 that comes on the market in the US.

    It is an odd reversal of fortunes, because when the Z8 came to market back in late 2000 the dollar was so strong that I saved nearly $50k by buying an EU car back in 2001!

    I think that in all around 150 EU (#7****) cars made in over here back then. I'm not sure how long the dollar will remain this depressed, but it seems that the trickle of Z8's back to the fatherland could pick up quite a momentum if the gloomy outlook for our greenback I'm reading on some of the financial websites come to reality.
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    Interesting variation on the "time is money" theme.

    In July of 2001, in the BMW dealer showroom in Munich, I saw a Z8 with a sticker price of exactly 200,000 DM. This was during the period when the Deutschmark was still legal currency, locked against the Euro at 1.95583:1, so that would be 102,258 Euros. At that time, the Euro was less than a dollar, trading at $0.8384:1, so that would be a mere $85,733 for a brand new (non-US spec) Z8, compared to the $130,420 sticker I had paid for mine just 4 months prior.

    Who would have thunk it - buying a Euro Z8 as a currency devaluation hedge strategy. Good move, Andrew.