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Thread: Value - Z8 vs. Alpina Roadster

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    Value - Z8 vs. Alpina Roadster

    OK, so I was checking on the trade-in value of my X3 on (Kelly Blue Book), as the end of the lease is approaching. Just for kicks, I check on their value for my Z8 and it comes back with $103K+. Then, I check what they say about the value of the Alpina and same details come back $123K+.

    Since they sold for about the same when new, all I can say is WTF? If anything I'd think that the Z8 would be worth more not less. Since I'm going to be burried in my car it doesn't matter, but admittedly I'm surprised. Am I missing something?

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    I think it is based on 'what the market will bear'. The dealers can justifiably say this is the limited edition end of run special of an already special car, and that little round plaque with the ***/555 really helps their case. The limited numbers is what is really driving the prices, but also Alpina do make a lovely product, and I have to say in the fullness of time I'd like to have one too. However having just been wowed by the amazing 500hp unit in the B7 I'd be looking at an engine transplant - it is the same engine unit, just tuned differently.
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    When I was researching purchasing a Z8/Alpina 18 months ago the deciding factors for me upon my Alpina purchase were: Limited edition of a limited edition car, smoother ride, and what many sports car fans may consider a mistake, the automatic transmission. In the end they are both great cars, I just decided that the Alpina was for me, and was hopeful that they would retain slightly greater value in the long run. At the time of my purchase there was already a differential in the marktplace, although not as great as you have identified.