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Thread: Z8 radio repair

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    Z8 radio repair

    I had not experienced the intermittent or dead radio syndrome on my first two Z8s but the third one came with a dead radio so I had to deal with it. Head unit was completely dead; no power whatsoever. Checked the fuse on the fuse panel: no problem. Pulled the head unit and checked to see if the wiring harness had power: it did. Checked the fuse on the head unit itself: no problem. Then I removed the fuse and reinserted it, removed the wiring harness and reinserted it, and reinstalled the head unit in the dash. Like magic, everything fired up and worked perfectly. Had to be a corroded or loose connection which was fixed during the removal and reinsertion process. No way to know if this is the same problem others have run into but before you give up or buy a new one, you might want to give this a try. Snaps, pops, intermittent functions, scrambled brains, and dead units could all be related to this problem. By the way, the head unit is removed by prying open the little doors on each side of the head unit's face plate and inserting a 2.5mm allen wrench to loosen the security screws. Then just pull her out. Wiring harness has a lever lock on it which you just lift up and then the plug will pull out of the head unit. Remember to close the lever lock after you reinsert the plug. Fuse is on the back of the head unit. Antenna connection just pries off. Hope this helps!

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    Great tip indeed, I've been holding my breath on this one too, so far so good!
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    Move/duplicate thread to "problems and solutions" ?